Raktim Sen

A composer, lyricist, orchestral arranger, sound recordist, pianist and singer – a playwright, drama director, animator and actor – a documentary film maker and music director – a poet and short story writer – a truly versatile artist, Raktim is comfortable in any and all of these roles. He had scored the theme music for NABC 2002, Festival of India, Atlanta (2003) and Bangamela 2010. Raktim was initiated into music by his mother who played the Esraj and the Sitar. He learnt the piano at Calcutta School of Music.

Raktim was awarded by Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival the “Creative Services Award” for his documentary film “Be the Change … Life Mission of Dean Lawrence Edward Carter, Sr.” He is currently, the Drama Director of Atlanta Theater Workshop and the Program Director of IACA Atlanta Indian Idol.

His notable compositions include, “Kokhon Aamay Bosh Korechhe” (Vocal: Dipankar Chattopadhyay, Music India (1982), “Ek Chhotto Bangla Gorhechhi” (2004)- a celebration of the roots of an immigrant Bengali, “Hok na Kotha”(Asha Audio Audio, 2017)- an album of eight Bengali Adhunik songs and “Baadalon Ki Tarha” (Music Muzik, 2020)- a Hindi original song.

Hi stage productions include over 20 plays and several ballets, including “Ekti Obastab Golppo”, “Ballabhpurer Roopkatha”, “Ram Shyam Jadu”, “Dakdghar”, “Chtrangada”, “Akriti” and “Mayar Khela”.

Raktim has wriiten several sucesful plays including “Mukhosh”, “Shubha Jonmodin” and “Money Plant”.

Raktim is an alumnus of Bengal Engineering College (now, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur). He has an M.S.and Ph.D. from Clemson University.

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