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Hok Na Kotha album label (front)

It all started in October 2015 in Atlanta. Rik was just out of Zee SaReGaMaPa as the 1st Runner-up and it was his first US-tour, Atlanta being the first stop. When they were practicing in my studio, Rik wanted to hear my compositions.  I played him a few and he immediately expressed interest in recording “Ogo Megh Tumi Jao Sore Jao”. I did not make much of the discussions them.  Next April, when we visited Kolkata for short trip in April, we decided to go forward. We needed a female singer and Anwesha, the 2014 Zee SaReGaMaPa Champion was a natural choice. She agreed and the journey began! 

This album will remind you of the glorious era of Bengali Adhunik when good lyrics and unforgettable melodies dominated. The Album was more than a year in making. Meticulously arranged and recorded in Kolkata the Album and expertly mixed & mastered in Mumbai. “Hok Na Kotha” is usre to win your hearts and ears. It is an Asha Audio Durga Puja 2017 release.

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Album Credits

Featured Vocalists:
Anwesha Dutta & Rik Basu

Written & Composed by 
Dr. Raktim Sen

Guest Lyricist: 
Dr. Tirthanka Dasgupta (Tracks 4 & 5)

Partha Chakraborty & Subhadeep Sarkar

Partha Chakraborty, Subhadeep Sarkar, Rik Basu & Raktim Sen

Audio Recording:
Tarun Das-Studio Violina
& Bapi Sen-Rainbow Studio

Mixing & Mastering:
Rupojjwal Majumder [Mumbai]

Guitar & Mandolin:
Raja Chowdhury

Subir Chakraborty

Soumen Bhattacharya


Suvankar Bhattacharya

Sutanu Sarkar

Partha Chakraborty

Dr. Raktim Sen

Album Launch: Kolkata

Kolkata Launch 01 (Invitation)

Kolkata Launch 02 (Group 1)

Kolkata Launch 03

Kolkata Launch 04

Kolkata Launch 05

Kolkata Launch 06

Kolkata Launch 07

Kolkata Launch 08

Kolkata Launch 09

Kolkata Launch 10

Kolkata Launch 11

Kolkata Launch 12

Kolkata Launch 13

“Hok Na Kotha” Kolkata Launch

Hok Na Kotha” was launched at Mahanayak Uttam Mancha by Asha Audio on Aug 28, 2017 as a Durga Puja Release. Present at the launch were the media, a rainbow of artists and a very well attended and supportive audiences.

Invited Guests: Pt. Sugato Nag, Devjit Roy, Mahua Lahiri, Pt. Debojyoti Bose, “Bhaskar-da”, Indrani Halder, Anwesha Dutta, Lognojita, Siddhartha Sankar (Sidhu) Ray, Ashoke Bhadra, Mukunda Das, Rajat Ganguly and Paipya Banerjee.

Album Launch: Atlanta

Kolkata Launch 01 (Invitation)

Atlanta Launch 02 (Group 1)

Atlanta Launch 03

“Hok Na Kotha” Atlanta Launch

Hok Na Kotha” was launched in Atlanta at Old Atlanta Recreation Center on Nov 18, 2017 as a Durga Puja Release. Present at the launch were the media and a very well attended and supportive audiences. A replica of the Album was unveiled by veteral Atlantan, Mr. Asit N Sengupta and Mrs. Ashima (Bulu) Das.

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